Personalized “Grosser” Royal Prussian Lion Head Uhlan Sword w/Presentation Etched Blade & Retailer’s Mark (#50078)        


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No Maker. A similar example of this deluxe sword is illustrated in the in the 1908 Musterbuch der Waffenfabrik Carl Eickhorn Solingen as Pattern No. 806 “Preussischer Kavallerie undArtillerie-Säbel mit Parderkopf und Augen, hochfein ziseliert. Photographs of a similar sword also appear on pages 319-321 of Imperial German Edged Weaponry Volume One. Grosser, deluxe gilted brass hilt fittings show surface wear, with portions gilding remaining in the recesses of the heavily-chased lion head pommel with red glass eyes, floral embellished back strap, oak leaf pattern knuckle-bow and cross guard with lion head quillon and crossed, silver lances with pennons pinned to the langet. The reverse langet is personalized with the engraved inscription, · ADOLF ·  VON · KLEIST ·in block letters within an arch above the von Kleist Coat of Arms comprised of the seven-tinned crown for a Freiherr (Baron) above a shield bearing two running foxes. The black horn grip shows light surface wear/age but, no cracks or chips and is complete with double-twisted silver wire wrap. The lower single strand of wire is loose but, not broken. The grosser, curved, plated, quill-back  blade measuring 30 5/8” in length grades EX++, grades EX++ showing light surface wear/runner marks and minor gray speckling but, no pitting, lifting or nicks to cutting edge and is complete with brown leather buffer pad. The spine of the blade features the retailer’s name, “ED.SCHULTZE (INHABER M.NEUMANN) HOFLIËFERANT POTSDAM”. The obverse  blade features a central, 6 5/8” long etched panel with raised  floral motifs flanking the central inscription in raised block letters, “SEMPER TALIS(Always the Same). “SEMPER TALISis the motto of the Imperial German Garde=Regiments.. The reverse blade features a central, 6 5/8” long etched panel with raised  floral motifs flanking the central inscription three-line presentation inscription in raised gothic letters, “Oskar Prinz von Preussen, Diko v. Ditfurth, Fritz v. Unruh i./l. freunde Adolf v. Kleist.”  Both etched panels retain 100% or the light gray background frosting. The sword was presented by Prince Oskar (son of Kaiser Wilhelm II}, Herr von Ditfurth and Herr von Unruh to their friend Adolf von Kleist.  The curved scabbard shows light wear with several small depressions to the lower obverse/reverse shell and retains approximately 95% of the period, hand applied, black enamel repaint over the original nickel finish on the scabbard shell and brass suspension bands/rings.  The repaint was in accordance with the 1908 regulations which required sword scabbards to be painted black or blued. Research in the Imperial German Army Ranklist, “Rang-Liste der Königlich Pueussischen Armee und des XIII. (Königlich Württembergischen)  Armeekorps. 1907 indicates that Prince Oskar was serving as a Lieutenant in 1. Garde=Regiment zu Fuss., Lieutenant Diko (Dietrich) von Ditfurth was serving in 3. Garde=Regiment zu Fuss. and Lieutenant Fritz von Unruh was serving in Kaiser Franz Garde=Grenadier=Regiment Nr. 2. while Lieutenant Adolf v. Kleist was serving in Ulanen=Regiment Prinz August von Württemberg (Poseniches) Nr. 10.. The Ranklist also indicates that Herrn  von Ditfurth, von Unruh and von Kleist received their commissions in the Imperial German Army on the same date, 14 June 1905. Perhaps all three officers received swords from Prince Oskar upon their commissioning in the German Army or perhaps this was a birthday or some other gift to Lieutenant von Kleist. Further research indicates that Herrn von Kleist remained in the Army and  was promoted to Generleutnant on 01 April 1941 and died in  Hannover on 14 July 1957. The above referenced documentation is included with the sword. Nice personalized presentation Uhlan sword that could be further researched.  EX++

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