Imperial Edged Weapons

Personalized Imperial M-1901 Navy Dagger w/Max Dinger Damascus Blade Belonging to Torpedo Boat Kapitänleutnant August Vollheim


maker: “No-neck”, Knight’s Helmet, (WK&C) TM
condition: Exc++
item number: 26515

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“No-neck”, Knight’s Helmet, (WK&C) TM. This dagger is from the collection of noted collector and author Kurt Glemser, and is described and pictured on pages 52 – 53 of A Guide to Military Dress Daggers, Volume II by Mr. Glemser, as well as on page 64 of Collecting the Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany. Gilded brass hilt fittings only faint surface wear with virtually 100% of the factory finish remaining on the open crown pommel with a fully shaped, cut cross on top of crown that has been skewed to avoid damaging the uniform. The crossguard is the standard large capstan style with heavy quillon block featuring raised style anchor motif. Genuine ivory grip shows light age toning one small hairline crack on the upper reverse adjacent to pommel, but no chips, and is complete with twisted silver wire wrap. Double-fullered, “maiden hair” Damascus blade measuring 9 3/8″ in length, grades Exc++, showing light surface wear/age with a spot of oxidation on center obverse and lower reverse and one tiny nick to center left cutting edge. The obverse blade tang is marked with Max Dinger’s double “M + D” Angelsignatur and is complete with red felt blade buffer pad. Deluxe/variation, brass, lightning bolt scabbard features stylized acanthus leaves with ribbed lower ball and floral panels above and below the rope pattern, “reef knot” suspension bands. Scabbard show light surface wear/age with virtually 100% of the factory finish remaining and only one faint depression to the center obverse shell, but no damage to the unturned scabbard screws. The reverse scabbard is jeweler engraved with the facsimile signature of, “August Vollheim”. As stated in the above references and indicated in the ‘Ehrenrangliste der Kaiserlich Deutschen Marine 1914-1918″ ; during WWI, Kapitänleutnant Vollheim was commander of torpedo boat “S 140” and “B 110” and ended the war a chief of the XV 15 Torpedo Boat Flotilla. Included with the dagger is a copy of A Guide to Military Dress Daggers, Volume II and a photocopy or Herr Vollheim’s entry in the Ehrenrangliste. Nice personalized Imperial example w/Max Dinger Damascus blade with documentation. Exc++ (26515) $6,500.