Police Officer’s Sword w/Sword Knot (26603)


Maker: Block lettered ALCOSO in arc above Initials ACS, scales Solingen TM; Condition: EX+

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Block lettered ALCOSO in arc above Initials ACS, scales Solingen TM.  Fred Stephens states in the “supplementary notes” to his facsimile reprint of The ALCOSO Sales Catalogue (Circa 1937), “that the initials A C S and Scales, with the block lettering ALCOSO trademark appears on post-1938 [manufactured products]. Nickel-plated hilt fittings show only faint surface wear with no speckling or lifting to the serrated pommel, upper ferrule, or D-pattern knuckle-bow/crossguard.  Black wooden grip shows light surface wear with a small chip on the left side of the Police grip eagle but, no cracks or lifting to the reverse backstrap. Grip is complete with silver-over-copper Police pattern grip eagle, with traces of silver remaining in the recesses, properly pinned to the obverse and complete with tight silver wire wrap.  Plated blade measuring 31 1/8” in length grades EX+/EX++ showing faint surface wear with a tiny area of gray speckling near obverse/reverse tip and a small indentation to the lower cutting edge of the blade but, no lifting or pitting and no damage to the blade tip.  The blade is complete with the original white leather buffer pad.  Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 95% of the original black enamel showing uniform surface scratches/crazing to shell with loss of enamel where the portepee acorn and suspension ring have rubbed against the shell. Nickel-plated upper and lower scabbard fittings show wear primarily to the obverse lower fitting with portions of factory darkening remaining in the recesses of the scrollwork motif on upper scabbard fitting.  All four scabbard fitting retaining screws are present and appear to be unturned.  Police officer’s sword knot grades EX+ showing  wear to the leather strap and bullion wire stripes and correct large acorn, but no rips or tears. There are no SS –markings on the sword hilt or scabbard throat.  Nice Alcoso example complete with correct Police Officer’s sword knot. EX+.

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