Imperial Edged Weapons

Presentation Imperial Subordinate Forestry Hirschfänger (29364)


Maker: “Z” within crowned shield (Clemen and Jung) stamped TM; Condition: EX+

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Marked “Z” within crowned shield (Clemen and Jung) stamped TM. and TM. Gilded, brass hilt fittings show light surface wear to highlights with portions of gilding remaining in recesses of the pommel with fluted cap and acorn motif pommel nut, ferrule/knuckle-bow with incised lines motif and fluted clamshell. Brown stag horn grip shows only light wear and one age crack on the obverse and is complete with three, obverse mounted oval, brass medallions. The plated, double-etched, single-fullered blade with 2 ½” long false edge measuring 30.8cm in length, grades EX+ shows minor wear/age with minor gray specking to lower blade and adjacent to crossguard, and a few tiny nicks to cutting edge. The obverse blade features a 9 ½” long etched panel with a raised floral motif, stag head and hunter with rifle flanking the presentation, “Ehrengeschenk des Allgemeinen Deutscheu Jadgschutz=Dereius.” (Presentation from the Hunting-Protection-Conservation League). The reverse blade features a 9 ½” long etched panel with a raised floral motif with stag and doe in a forest setting. Spine of blade features an etched laurel leaf motif with the retailer’s name, “Gust. Laute Hofwaffenfabrik Berlin”, and is complete with brown felt buffer pad. On page 270 of The Sword and Knife Makers of Germany 1850-2000 Volume I, A-L by the late Anthony Carter, the author states, …”[Gustav Laute was] A purveyor of arms to the royal households before the 1914-18 War. The firm’s name has been recorded o several weapons including a forester’s sidearm…”. The obverse blade contains the black leather scabbard shows only minor surface wear/age with no creases, rips or tears and no damage to the reverse stitching. Plain, upper and lower gilded brass scabbard fittings retain approximately 90% of the original gilding and are complete with both retaining staples. The upper fitting is complete with acorn motif frog lug. Nice presentation Forestry hirschänger. Ex+/EX++

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