Presentation RAD Officer Hewer Belonging to Konteradmiral and Obergeneralarbeitsführer Wilhelm Busse (#28665)


SOLD-Maker: Paul Weyersberg (sword inside wreath, double oval) TM; Condition: EX+

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This rare presentation RAD Officer hewer grouping was obtained in Germany from the family of Admiral Busse and includes original and photocopied award documents. Admiral Busse entered the Imperial German Navy as a Cadet in 1896 and was commissioned in 1899. He served in various command and staff assignments on cruisers, battleships and torpedo boats during the period 1899 – 1913. During WWI, he served in the Middle East, to include assignments in Oman, Iraq and Bulgaria, as well as the Admiralstab der Marine. Herr Busse was discharged from the Navy in 1920 and placed on “available for service” status in September 1939. During the period 1939 – 1945, Herr Busse served in the Kriegsmarine and was promoted to honorary “Konteradmiral” in 1940 and confirmed in that rank in 1944. During the Third Reich, Admiral Busse served simultaneously as an officer in the RAD as a Gauarbeitsführer (1935), Generalarbeitsführer (1937) and Obergeneralarbeitsführer (1940). Paul Weyersberg (sword inside wreath, double oval) TM. Silver-plated hilt fittings show light surface wear/age patina with small spot of lifting to the obverse pommel and a line of surface crazing to the reverse of the well-detailed crossguard with RAD spade and wheat motif. Bone grip plates are perfect with no cracks or chips and show nice age striations. Plated blade grades excellent+, showing light surface wear/runner marks with some light gray shadowing, but no lifting or nicks to cutting edge. Obverse blade retains 100% of the light gray background frosting in the deeply-etched RAD motto. Reverse blade is jeweler-etched with the inscription in Gothic letters, “Für Hervorragende Verdienste” (for outstanding service) followed by the etched facsimile signature of Konstantin Hierl (Reichsarbeitsführer). Inscription and signature retain 100% of their light gray background frosting. Silver-plated scabbard shows light surface wear/minor age patina with some lifting/peeling to the silver plating on the upper portion of the scabbard. Reverse scabbard shows excellent detail remaining to the pebbled panels. Reverse upper scabbard is jeweler-engraved with the inscription, “Obergeneralarbeitsführer Wilhelm Busse 20.April 1942”. Rare, one-of-a-kind presentation RAD Officer Hewer. EX+. Original and Photocopy of Award Document Grouping. 10-Piece grouping includes original award documents for the Imperial Red Eagle Order 4th Class (1908), 25-Year Military Service Cross (1920), 1914-1918 Cross of Honor (1936), signed listing of all authorized awards from the Office of the Reichsarbeitsführer dated 17 June 1937, and the War Merit Cross 2nd Class signed 30 January 1941. Photocopy documents include the Anhalt Remembrance Cross (1935), Commander’s Cross of the Bulgarian St. Alexander Order (1937), Grand Officer Cross of the Bulgarian St. Alexander Order (1940), Certificate of Appreciation for Service (20 April 1942), and War Merit Cross 1st Class (1944). Light age to documents. EX++