RAD EM Hewer w/Hanger & Upper Scabbard Leather Uniform Protector Ed. (#25193)


Maker:Ed. Wustof Solingen, trident within double-oval TM.; Condition:EX+ SOLD

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Wüsthof Solingen, trident within double-oval TM. Nickel plated hilt fittings show minor surface wear/age /patina. Handle fitting back of eagle head pommel was used as a period tack driver numerous times. Crossguard design retains 90% of factory darkening. Light stag horn grip plates show light age toning, tack wear on reverse, one slight chip in the obverse near pommel. Obverse screw heads show slight tool marks. Polished blade is bright and grades EX showing only light surface wear/runner marks. No nicks to the cutting edge. Deeply etched motto retains 100% of the light gray background frosting and the reverse is marked with the TM and the RAD diamond and “Ges.Gesch”. The steel scabbard is dent free and retains 90% of its original black enamel showing minor surface wear/crazing. Nickel plated scabbard fittings show light surface darkening/wear/ age/patina. The Upper scabbard fitting is protected on the reverse by a unique leather pad attached to the scabbard using the scabbard throat screws. Interesting to see. The variant leather hanger shows normal wear/age. The leather is supple. The lower scabbard fitting has a non detractive dent on the lower reverse edge. Nice dagger with unique protective pad. EX+ (25193) SOLD