RARE Cased RAD EM Hewer w/Early Hanger (#26096)



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Ed. Wüstof Solingen, Trident inside double oval TM.  Nickel-silver hilt fittings show light surface wear with dark, age patina to pommel and spine  with much factory darkening remaining in detail of crossguard.  Dark brown stag horn grip plates are perfect with no chips or cracks.  Polished blade grades EX++ showing light surface wear/runner marks and some minor gray shadowing and one tiny nick to lower cutting edge, but no pitting. Deeply etched motto retains 100% of the light gray background frosting and reverse is marked with the RAD diamond and “Ges.Gesch.”. Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 99% of its original black anodization showing  crazing, but no major loss of factory. Dent-free, nickel-silver scabbard fittings show light surface wear with dark, virtually black age patina with no damage the scroll-work on the upper fitting or the wheat and spade motif on the lower fitting.   All four scabbard screws are present and appear unturned. The early, brown leather hanger, comprised of a buckled strap which attaches directly to the upper scabbard fitting suspension loop, grades EX++ showing light wear/age, but no rips or tears and no damage to stitching. The heavy cardboard, hinged case, measuring 17”L X 8 ¼”W X 2”H grades EX+/EX++ shows light wear/age to the stylized brown/black leather grain finish, but no major rips or tears.  The interior lid is lined in gold artificial silk, in a ribbed sunburst pattern, surrounding a 2” diameter metal disc featuring a black  RAD spade and wheat emblem on white background with a red border.  The lower section is covered in gold artificial silk and fitted to hold the hewer and scabbard on separate raised supports with the hanger stored between the hewer and scabbard. The lid is attached to the lower portion by to white ribbon supports and is secured, when closed, by two metal clamps. Nice RAD Hewer combination with RARE storage/presentation case.