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RARE Personal Hunting Hirschfanger of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Duke Carl Edward – no maker (13354)


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RARE Personal Hunting Hirschfanger of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Duke Carl Edward. This Royal Hunting piece was the personal Hirschfanger of Duke Carl Edward, the ruler of the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1900-1918). The hilt is quite unique featuring an ornately chiseled silver pommel in the shape of a boar’s head. The snout of the boar has an attachment for a delicate double silver chain, which attaches to an acorn on the crossguard. The grip has silver supports on each side and is composed of fluted black ebony. Heavily silvered crossguard has a deeply engraved floral motif on the top and sides with an acorn on each end of the crossguard. Massive piece measures over 26″ in overall length. Black leather scabbard body does show age but is still very sound. Silvered fittings are engraved on the obverse and reverse with the same design as on the crossguard. Massive double-engraved blade features a unique wave-like spine with a presentation date of “1872”. Blade measures 20 1/2″ in overall length with a typical floral motif on obverse and reverse. This particular blade was most likely ordered by the royal owner. Comes with its original massive over-the-shoulder baldric, which was worn outside of the hunting outfit. It features two (2) gilted bullion stripes running down each side and measures almost 35″ in length. Attached to this beautiful bullion sash are some of the finest silver ornaments that I have ever encountered on this type of item. Included are a beautiful 3-dimensional stag head as well as a delicate Imperial crown with ornate silver work plaque with the raised initials, “C.E.”. Tip of the sash has sterling silver hunting horns and ornate oak leaves Attached to the sash is a set of beautiful, ornate Hunting hangers with silver fittings which match the fittings on the sash. On each hanger clip is a scabbard ring for easy removal of the dagger. In my many years in this hobby I have only encountered two (2) royal pieces of this type, and only know of one (1) additional piece, which is in a Museum in Germany. Certainly would be the centerpiece of any collection. Museum quality and a great investment opportunity! Exc./Exc+

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