SA “Unground” Röhm Dagger (#30636)


Maker: SMF, Solingen; Condition: EX+

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SMF SOLINGEN with seated king TM. This unground Röhm example features nickel silver hilt fittings which show surface wear/age patina with reverse lower crossguard SA group marked “Th” for Thuringen. Red-brown broad-grained grip shows light surface wear with one repair of a large crack to upper reverse. Polished blade grades EX+/EX++ showing some surface wear/runner marks and light gray shadowing. Deeply etched SA motto and Röhm inscription retain some of their original medium gray background frosting. Reverse Röhm inscription is unground and complete. Steel scabbard shows wear to the brown anodization, primarily speckling. Nickel silver upper scabbard fitting is dent and damage free, while the lower scabbard fitting shows denting to ball. CONSIGNMENT