Third Reich Army Kavallerie NCO/EM Sword w/Double-Etched Blade, Sword Knot, Hanger & Documentation Grouping (25864)


Maker: Carl Eickhorn, stamped squirrel holding sword TM; Condition: EX++

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Carl Eickhorn, stamped squirrel holding sword TM. This sword was recently obtained in Germany complete with documentation, including Wehrpass, of the original owner, Otto Hebbel who was killed in action on 18 September 1939 during the Polish Campaign. Information in the Wehrpass indicates that Herr Hebbel was born on 28 September 1918, served in the RAD from April-October 1938 and entered Army service on 16 November 1938 with 7th Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment. An illustration of this pattern sword appears in the “Eickhorn Kundendienst” as “Mannschaftssäbel Nr. 189”. Nickel-plated hilt fittings show faint wear, but no speckling, crazing or lifting to the unadorned pommel, knuckle-bow and crossguard. Black bakelite grip is perfect with no cracks or chips and is complete with tight triple twisted aluminum wire wrap. Plated double-etched blade measuring 31 7/8″ in length grades EX++/Near MINT showing light surface wear/runner marks and a few tiny “pings” to lower blade cutting edge, but no lifting, pitting or major nicks to cutting edge. The blade etch motif appears in the “Eickhorn Kundendienst” as pattern number “3239”. The obverse blade features a 15 ¼’ long etched floral and geometric motif on light gray frosted background flanking a central light gray frosted panel with the personalization, “Kavallerie Regiment No 14″ in raised gothic letters. The reverse blade features a matching 15 ¼´long floral and geometric motif flanking a central etch on a central light gray frosted panel with closed-wing Wehrmacht eagles and mounted riders flanking a motif of a mounted Cavalry charge. The etched panels are perfect with no wear, speckling or darkening, and no damage to the laurel leaf etched blade spine or to the light brown leather blade buffer pad. Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 98% of the original factory black enamel showing minor surface wear/scuffs to scabbard shell, but no major loss of paint. Research in the 1939 German Army Rank List indicates that Cavalry Regiment 14 was garrisoned at Ludwigslust located approximately 90km SE of Hamburg as operational control of XI. Army Corps. The sword knot with green leather strap, braided red leather slide and red crown for 7th squadron grades EX++ showing only light age/wear. The black leather hanger measuring 20 ½” in length including the belt loop grades EX+ showing age/crazing to the original black patent finish with much wear to the lower edge of belt loop where it connects to the hanger. The nickel-plated fittings to include the regain chain show minor surface speckling, but no lifting. In addition to the aforementioned Wehrpass the documentation includes a photograph album of RAD service which includes pictures of his army service to include photo of him in waffenrock with sword. Paper includes letters of death notification and condolence as well as returned letters from his family marked, “Gefallen für Grossdeutschland” (Killed in action for Greater Germany), as well as plot maps of the Polish cemetery where Herr Hebbel is buried. Superb Cavalry NCO/EM sword with complete documentation obtained from the family of the original owner. EX++.

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