Third Reich Lion Head Sword w/Ultra-RARE Double-Etched Blade & Sword Knot (24436)


maker: “Z” within crowned shield (Clemen & Jung) TM

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“Z” within crowned shield, (Clemen & Jung) TM. A photograph of this pattern lion head pommel, but with crossed cannon barrels on crossguard, appears on page 73, upper left, of Swords of Germany 1900/1945 by John R. Angolia as Clemen & Jung (unattributed). Gilted brass hilt fittings show faint surface wear/age patina to highlights with virtually 100% of the factory gilting/lacquer remaining in the recesses of the lion head pommel with red glass eyes, floral motif with center medallion on back-strap, knuckle-bow with raised design of oak leaves, and, crossguard with raised crossed swords/floral motif on obverse langet, and lion head quillon. Black celluloid grip shows light surface wear with no cracks or chips and is complete with triple, twisted silver, wire wrap. Plated, double-etched blade measuring 33″ in length grades EX++, showing light surface wear/runner marks primarily to ricasso with no gray age speckling, pitting or nicks to cutting edge. Obverse and reverse blade feature 12 ¾” long, light gray frosted panels with floral motif with Ultra-RARE raised, diamond-motif, background design. The etched panels retain 100% of the gray background frosting with raised floral and diamond motif on the spine, and is complete with red felt buffer pad. Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 80% of the original black enamel with uniform wear to obverse/reverse shell and drag. Officer pattern sword knot grades Exc++ showing only light age patina to the bullion stripes in the leather strap and to the stem and acorn. Nice lion head sword with Ultra-RARE double-etched blade. Exc+/Exc++

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