Third Reich State Forestry Official’s Service Uniform w/Belt, Holster & Deluxe Senior Forestry Hirschfänger (#27545)


Condition: Hirschfanger Near MINT. Remainder EX+/EX++

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This uniform, recently obtained in Germany, is constructed of Forestry green tricot/elastique wool and consists of an M-43 field cap, service tunic/trousers and great coat. The MINT field cap, cut in same pattern as the mountain cap, is made of Forestry green wool with a double flap secured by two pebbled aluminum buttons. The interior is lined in Forestry green artificial silk and size stamped “57” in white. The cap is complete with an aluminum, short-winged political pattern cap eagle. The tunic, approximate size 38S, features dark green wool collar, two upper and two lower pockets with pocket flaps, turn-back cuffs and pebbled aluminum buttons.  The collar patches and shoulder straps have been removed from the tunic, however an undated photograph of the original owner which is included with the grouping, shows him wearing the rank of an Oberforstmeister.  The interior of the tunic is lined in Forestry green artificial silk complete with the original tailor’s label marked, “UNIFORMHAUS CARL WEYERS, Köln”. Exterior and interior of tunic show no wear or soiling with no rips or tears and no moth damage and grades Near MINT/MINT. The straight trousers are constructed of Forestry green doeskin wool without piping, and are complete with brace buttons and an adjuster belt on the left side [right adjuster buckle appears to never have been attached, but is inside the right front trouser pocket]. Trousers show no wear to wool and no moth damage. The double-breast, military style greatcoat, constructed of Forestry green tricot/elastique wool is complete with dark green wool collar piped in aluminum twisted cording, two rows of five dark green Bakelite buttons and two slanted pocket flaps on the lower front. Inside the left pocket is a sword/dagger hanger. The reverse of the coat features a half-belt of Forestry green cloth secured by one dark green Bakelite button. The coat features shoulder straps constructed of braided green cord edged in aluminum braid with four silver acorns. The interior of the greatcoat is lined in gray-green artificial silk complete with the original tailor’s label marked, “Blitz KLEIN-UMSTADT”.  Klein-Umstadt is located approximately 20 km East of Darmstadt. The greatcoat shows some moth damage to the upper left lapel and a small hole in the lower left sleeve adjacent to the upper edge of the sleeve turn-back, but no soiling or age damage. EX+/EX++.

Uniform Accessories

– Boar’s Hair Hat Device. This device was worn on the wide-brim felt hats traditionally worn by German hunters and foresters.  The device consists of a 6” long boar’s hair “brush” inserted into a green felt sleeve and secured by a silver colored metal base decorated with an affixed swastika and oak leaves. EX++.

– State Forestry Service Officer Belt/Buckle & Holster. Green//brown, pebbled leather belt w/aluminum buckle shows light wear/age to leather and is complete with three leather keepers.  The round buckle features a raised oak leaf wreath surrounding a central motif of a national eagle with blunted wings with it’s head facing  right on a pebbled dome.  An example of this pattern buckle appears on page 510, upper of BELT BUCKLES & BROCADES of the THIRD REICH [REVISED EDITION] by John R. Angolia. The small black leather holster which probably held a small 25 cal Walther pistol shows light wear/age, but no rips or tears. EX++.

– Deluxe Senior Forestry Hirschfänger w/Eagle/Swastika Hilt  Emblem.  Stamped “H H S” monogram pierced by a sword (E. & F. Hörster) within a double-oval TM. Gilded, cast aluminum hilt fittings show retain 100% of the gilding to the highlights and in the recesses of the oak leaf embellished knuckle-bow and crossguard with stag hoof quillon, and clamshell which features a raised  stag.  The obverse ferrule features a raised, open-wing national Eagle and swastika while the reverse is without ornamentation. The off-white celluloid, simulated ivory grip plates show only minor wear/age toning/striations with no cracks, chips or nicks. All six gold washed acorns with oak leaves are present showing virtually no wear or age. The plated, double-etched blade measuring 33cm in length grades EX++ showing  minor surface wear/runner marks and faint  gray specks to the obverse/reverse ricassos, but no nicks to cutting edge or damage to blade tip, and is complete with green felt blade buffer pad. Both the obverse and reverse blade feature 8 ½” long etched panels with medium gray background frosting.  The obverse blade features a raised oak leaf motif and water fowl in flight flanking a central panel of a hunter with hounds attacking a wild boar in a forest setting while the reverse blade features a raised oak leaf motif and Auerhahn flanking a central depiction of a hunter stalking a stag and doe in a forest setting. The blade spine features a 7” long etched panel with raised laurel leaves on a frosted background. Both etched panels, as well as the spine motif, retain 100% of the background gray frosting. The black leather scabbard with two sets of double-incised lines grades EX++/Near MINT showing only faint wear with no rips, tears, swelling or  damage to the reverse stitching. Dent-free, gilded brass upper and lower scabbard fittings show only light wear and a few darks specks and green residue with virtually 100% of gilding remaining.  The obverse lower fitting is complete with double lines on the obverse lower and an acorn pattern frog lug on the upper fitting. Both upper and lower retaining staples are present and undamaged. Superb Hörster example. EX+/EX++.