Ultra-Rare Royal Bulgarian Labor Corps (Trudovaks) Dagger w/Chain Hanger (27749)


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PUMA, SOLINGEN with puma head inside diamond TM. Brass hilt fittings show surface wear and dark age patina to the pommel in the shape of a closed Simons’ crown, and crossguard featuring quillons of a lion’s head and a pick axe/spade with the central quillon block in the form of a Bulgarian crest in white metal. Orange celluloid grip has a few hairline cracks, with one small chip on the upper reverse adjacent to the pommel. Is complete with tight twisted brass wire wrap. Plated, double-edged, double-fullered Kriegsmarine style blade grades excellent+, showing light surface wear, some minor speckling on the lower reverse, and a speck of lifting on the tip. Is complete with red felt blade buffer pad. Obverse ricasso is stamped with the Bulgarian Simons’ crown above a Cyrillic “B” (cipher of King Boris III – 1918-1943). Dent-free, black leather covered scabbard shows light surface wear/age, but no rips or tears. Scabbard features upper and lower oak leaf embellished scabbard bands with twisted rope scabbard rings, as well as a lower scabbard fitting with obverse and reverse oak leaf embellishments. All fittings show surface wear and dark age patina. Between the scabbard bands is the emblem of the Trudovaks in white metal. Attached to the scabbard is a never-before-seen brass chain hanger with 11 upper and 14 lower links attached to a brass clip marked on the reverse, “Puma, Solingen”. Ultra rare dagger.   EX+

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