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Unissued 1914 Wound Badge in Black w/Original Tissue Wrap (#23927)


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This wound badge was located in an old uniform/accouterments shop in Germany along with other medals and uniform accouterments.  Unmarked, stamped, hollow back badge shows only minor age primarily to reverse with superb detail to the M-1916 helmet with bottom rivet located close to the bottom edge with rounded crown and with a more definite line at the flange.  The background pebbling is flat and the reverse attaching pin features a blunt end.  See pages 4-7 of German Wound Badges by William E. Hamelman for more information on the various types of designs of 1914 Wound Badges.  Badge is complete with original tan tissue paper which shows age and wear.  RARE unissued example complete with tissue wrap. Near MINT/Unissued