Imperial Edged Weapons

Variation Imperial/Reichsmarine Navy Dagger


maker: No maker
condition: Near MINT
item number: 25816
price: 1,395. Hold/Layaway

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No maker. An example of a similar variant Navy dagger pictured on page 216 of Exploring The Dress Daggers of the German Navy by Thomas T. Wittmann. Gilded brass hilt fittings retain 100% of the fire gilding on the Imperial open crown pommel with “squared”, engraved cross and superbly detailed 1919 pattern crossguard with fouled anchor motif on the quillon block quillon arms with grooved, cowled terminal buttons. The off-white, celluloid-over- wood grip is perfect with no hairline cracks or chips and is complete with tight twisted brass wire wrap. The polished, double-fullered blade measuring 7 7/8″ in length grades Near MINT/MINT showing only faint surface wear, but no graying or nicks to cutting edges, and is complete with red felt blade buffer pad. Dent-free, gilded brass lightening bolt scabbard shows light surface wear with portions of gilding present adjacent to scabbard bands and throat, and is complete with rope pattern, reef knot suspension bands and eyelets. Superb example of a variation Imperial/Reichsmarine Navy Dagger. Near MINT (25816) $1,395. Hold/Layaway