2nd Model Navy Dagger Grouping w/Photographs & Original Cardboard Shipping Carton (#29514)


Maker: Carl Eickhorn small double oval TM; Condition: EX++

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Carl Eickhorn small double oval TM.  This rare Navy grouping was originally purchased in Germany complete with original cardboard carton as mailed home by friends of the original owner, Naval Oberinspektor Heinrich Ehrlich after WWII.  This exact dagger is pictured and described on pages 344 – 349 of Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Volume VIII detailing how the dagger was traced to the family of the original owner. Gilted brass hilt fittings show only minor surface wear to the highlights of the fire gilting on the Eickhorn pattern eagle/swastika pommel and fouled anchor crossguard. Off-white celluloid-over-wood grip as used by Eickhorn is perfect with no cracks or chips and is complete with tight twisted brass wire wrap. Plated double-etched blade grades excellent++/Near MINT showing only faint surface wear with no nicks or damage to the cutting edges. Blade is complete with tan leather blade buffer pad and retains 100% of the light gray background frosting in the fouled anchor etched motif.  Dent-free gilted brass hammered pattern scabbard shows only minor surface wear to the highlights with 100% of the factory gilting remaining in recesses of the hammered pattern.  Attached to the dagger is an original silver portepee with dark age patina in correct reef knot tie.  Included with the dagger is a gray webbed under-the-tunic belt, Naval administrative hangers with aluminum fittings as worn by administrative/technical officers, as well as a silver greatcoat button, aluminum cap eagle, and sleeve insignia for a technical official.  Nice Navy grouping that has been fully researched and documented. Complete with photographs of this dagger being worn as well as original shipping carton. EX++