2nd Model Navy Dagger w/Hangers & Original Fabric Storage Bag (#29344)



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Initials version A C S with scales (Alexander Coppel) without Alcoso TM.  Fred Stephens states in the “supplementary notes” to his facsimile reprint of The ALCOSO Sales Catalogue (Circa 1937), that this trademark was “commonly found on Coppel manufactured long-pattern Police bayonets of the WeimarGilded brass hilt fittings show minor surface wear to the factory fire gilding on the highlights and in the recesses of the eagle/swastika pommel, unique Alcoso crossguard with the diamond motif on the reverse quillon block and more square shaped quillon arms as well as the smaller circumference of the lower crossguard where it meets the butt plate. The off-white celluloid-over-wood grip has a hairline crack running around the center section, but no chips or other damage, and is complete with tight twisted brass wire wrap. Plated double-etched, double fullered blade grades EX++ showing only minor surface wear/runner marks, but no graying or nicks to the cutting edges, and is complete with red felt blade buffer pad. Both obverse and reverse blade feature 6 1/8” long etched panels with frosted gray background. The obverse blade features floral motifs flanking a sailing ship while the blade features the same mofif, but with the addition of a fouled anchor above the sailing ship. Both etched panels retain 100% of the light gray background frosting. The M1921 gilded brass, lightning bolt scabbard shows some wea/age patina with age residue  in  the recesses of the sharply pointed, Alcoso style acanthus leaves on the lower scabbard and the “figure-of-eight” suspension bands. The scabbard shell has several minor surface depressions on the lower obverse/reverse, but no damage to the tip or to the dome-head retaining screws. The M1921 pattern scabbard and the Weimar periodblade trademark possibly indicate that this dagger was updated when the eagle head pommel was introduced in April, 1938.  Black moire’ hangers grade EX+ showing minor wear to the facings and velvet backings with age to gilded fittings. Mouse gray felt storage bag with zipper closure grades EX++ showing minor wea/age with no  rips or tears. Nice textbook Alcoso combination! EX+/EX++