Cased Uncleaned Army Officer’s Dagger w/Portepee & Metal Factory Control Tag (#50085)


Maker: Carl Eickhorn, small stamped squirrel holding sword TM; Condition: EX++/Near MINT

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Carl Eickhorn, small stamped squirrel holding sword TM.  Although not personalized, this cased dagger ensemble was reputedly obtained in Germany from the family of Oakleaves recipient Feldwebel/Leutnant der Reserve Heinrich Boigk. Herr Boigk was born on 31 October 1912 in Köln-Lindenthal, received the Oakleaves on 18 January 1944 while serving with the 49th Jäger-Regiment on the Russian front. Silver-plated hilt fittings show dark, near black, age patina to well detailed oak leaf embellished pommel and cross guard with Eickhorn 2nd pattern eagle.  Medium yellow/orange grip showing nice age toning is perfect with no cracks or chips. Polished blade grades Near MINT showing faint surface wear/runner marks, primarily where runners have rested against blade and a few specks of graying, but no pitting or nicks to cutting edges and is complete with black leather blade buffer pad.  Dent-free, silver-plated scabbard shows dark age patina matching the hilt fittings and is complete with portions of factory lacquer and with the thick throat and reverse, center mounted, flat-head screw normally associated with Eickhorn 2nd pattern Army daggers.  Dagger is complete with an EX++/Near MINT 42cm portepee showing virtually no wear/age and no fraying or damage to cord.  Rare metal control tag shows age to cord and minor wear to red enamel on tag, however the paper insert has been lost to time.  The custom made, fine-grained wooden, hinged case shows minor age with no cuts, scrapes or damage. Attached to the exterior lid is a metal facsimile of the Coat of Arms of the city of Köln (Cologne) with nail holes in the lower front of case where a now missing presentation plaque, was one attached.  The interior lid and lower fitted portion of case are covered in maroon velvet.  RARE cased, Eickhorn  Army Dagger ensemble that reputedly belonged to an Oakleaves recipient. EX++/Near MINT