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Imperial Brandenburg Plain Hilt Artillery Sword w/Double-Etched Blade & Sword Knot (23848)


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No maker. Plain, unadorned nickel-plated hilt fittings show some surface wear, primarily to the upper pommel, with some minor gray speckling/crazing to the pommel and crossguard/langets, but no lifting or peeling. Sharkskin grip is perfect with only minor wear, but no rips or tears, and is complete with tight triple twisted wire wrap. Curved, plated, double-etched blade measuring 31 7/8″ in length grades EX++, showing light surface wear/runner marks with some minor speckling, but no nicks to cutting edge. Both obverse and reverse blade feature 15 ½” long etched panels with raised floral and military motifs horse head, crossed cannon barrels and military equipment on light gray frosted panels. Obverse blade features a central blued panel with raised unit inscription, “Feld=Artill.=Regt. General=Feldzeugmeister (Brdbg.) No3” while the reverse blade features a blued panel with raised facsimile of an artillery caisson, crew and mounted riders. Etched panels retain 100% of the light gray background frosting with only minor specks of oxidation on obverse blued background. Blade is complete with red felt blade buffer pad. Field Artillery Regiment No. 3 was garrisoned in Brandenburg approximately 55km SE of Berlin. Dent-free, steel scabbard with stationary suspension ring retains approximately 95% of the black enamel with minor surface wear and a few spots of missing paint on the upper reverse and lower obverse shell. Attached to the hilt is an NCO/EM sword knot for 3d Battery with burgundy leather strap and white/yellow slide/stem and white fringe. Nice plain hilt Artillery sword with double-etched blade. EX++.

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