Presentation Army Officer Dagger Belonging to Generalleutnant & Knight’s Cross w/Swords & Diamonds Recipient Dr. Karl Mauss w/Documents and Photographs Grouping (#29317)



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Carl Eickhorn, etched squirrell holding swords TM. Silver-plated hilt fittings show dark, gun-metal age patina to well detailed oak leaf embellished pommel, ferrule and generic crossguard with small slope to the brow area between the upper head and beak of the eagle. The reverse crossguard is personalized with the jeweler engraved name, “Mauss” in large capital Gothic letters. NOTE: Only one officer named “Mauss” appears in either 1939 of 1944/45 German Army Ranklist. Medium orange grip has a tiny nick to the edge of a grip swirl on the center obverse and reverse, but no cracks or other damage. Polished blade grades Near MINT, showing faint surface wear/runner marks, but no graying, pitting or nicks to cutting edges and is complete with brown leather buffer pad. Beautiful with cross-graining visible. Dent-free, silver-plated scabbard shows dark age patina matching the hilt fittings and is complete with the thick throat and reverse, center mounted, flat-head screw normally associated with Eickhorn 2nd pattern Army daggers. Dagger is complete with an EX 42cm portepee showing wear/age and some fraying to the cord where it has rubbed/rested against the crossguard (portepee appears original to the dagger as metal under the portepee shows less patina). Deluxe hangers and in EX+ condition show minor wear to fabric and age to heavy deluxe fittings. This well documented Knight’s Cross with Swords and Diamonds dagger grouping was originally obtained as a “War Trophy” by US Army Major Sidney E. Travis. This information is verified on the original “Certificate of Retention” dated 27 March 1947 as “captured enemy material. Item German Officers Dagger Mauss, No Ser #” which is included with the documentation. Also included are photocopies of the “Heeres-Personalamt” records of her Dr. Mauss for service in WWI and WWII. Information in the documents reveals that he was born on 17 May 1898 in Plön (approximately 30km southeast of Kiel). He enlisted in the Imperial German Army on 8 August 1914 at the age of sixteen and in 1915 was serving as Leutnant with Infantry Regiment 162nd. Personnel records indicate that Herr Mauss served in the campaigns in the West, East (Russia and Rumania) and in Italy. He was released from active duty with the Reichsheer on 1 April 1922 with the rank of Oberleutnant. he re-entered military service with the Wehrmacht Heer as Hauptmann on 1 September 1934 and served continuously until his capture in 1945 while recovering from wounds in heavy combat with Russian forces while commanding the famous 7th Panzer Division. For his actions during WWII he was awarded the Knights Cross (26 Nov 1941), the Oakleaves (24 Nov 1943), the Swords (23 Oct 1944), the German Cross in Gold (7 Mar 1945), and the Diamonds (15 April 1945) (copy of document included). Other documents included in the grouping are photocopies of telegrams to General Dr. Mauss from: Generalfelmarschall Rommel, (congratulations on assumption of command of the 7th Panzer Division), General der Panzertruppe von Saucken (congratulations on award of the Swords), Gerneral der Infanterie Burgdorf (well wishes on severe wounds) and Hitler (announcement of the award of the Diamonds). Among the photographs in the grouping is a hand signed, matted 3 5/8″ x 4 7/8″ black & white studio portrait of Generalleutnant Dr. Mauss in Field Service Tunic with Knights Cross w/Oakleaves and Swords. Superb, well-documented grouping. EX++/Near MINT