Third Reich Diver’s Knife w/Waffen-amt Stamp (30526)



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Deeply stamped, GERRÜDER HELLER –SCHMALKALDEN, anchor within a large double-circle TM. As stated on page 254 of The Sword And Knife Makers Of Germany 1850-2000 Volume 1 by the late Anthony Carter, “The earliest [diver’s knives] were marked with a small etched encircled anchor and a larger version of the trademark was used from late 1934.” The solid brass hilt and brass tube pattern scabbard retain much factory matte finish with minor age patina to the scabbard, but no dents or surface oxidation. A similar example of this knife, but with serrated blade, is pictured on page 300, lower of Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Volume II. The hilt fittings feature a screw type pommel nut, smooth grip ridges and threaded hand guard with black leather blade washer. Matte finished blade without serrated edge, grades EX++ showing wear to the dark oxide protective finish, with no pitting, nicks, or sharpening to cutting edge. The cast, dent-free brass tube scabbard with integral brass suspension strap shows minor age patina with much of the factory finish remaining. The outer edge of the scabbard throat is stamped with the open-wing Eagle Waffen-amt mark. Nice Heller example with Waffen-amt stamp.

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