Imperial Edged Weapons

Rare Royal Bavarian Automobile Corps Dagger


Maker: Knight’s helmet (WK&C) TM; Condition: Near Mint SOLD

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Knight’s helmet (WK&C) TM. An example of this variation pattern dagger is pictured on page 24 of Collecting the Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany. Silver plated hilt fittings show virtually no wear to the open Bavarian crown pommel or to the large captstan style Navy crossguard with heavy stippled quillon block without the hunting horn emblem. Ivory grip shows light age striations with no cracks, chips or surface damage and complete with tight single twisted wire wrap. Plain plated center ridge blade measuring 11 5/8″ in length grades excellent++ showing only light surface wear/runner marks and a few specks of graying on the reverse but no nicks to the cutting edges. Blade is complete with correct green felt blade buffer pad. Medium brown leather scabbard with double incise lines on both obverse and reverse show virtually no wear with no rips, tears, or damage to the reverse stitching. Dent-free silver plated scabbard fittings show only light age patina with no dents or damage. Upper scabbard fitting is complete with obverse frog stud and reverse retaining staples are present on both upper and lower fitting. Rare Royal Bavarian dagger complete with MINT ivory grip! Near MINT (26488) SOLD